Screening and Cutting

Screening and cutting away from the ball


  1. Get to the line of the ball.

  2. Guard to wing or guard to guard pass is an automatic basket cut first. If defense jams cut then go screen away.

  3. Jump(quick)stop or stutter into screen.

  4. Low, wide(feet outside shoulders) & balanced. Protect yourself

  5. Always second cut(based off what cutter does) & call out second cut.

  6. Better your screens can create high percentage scoring opportunities for you.


  1. Walk defender away from ball(wait, wait, wait, GO) & get them inside/to the level of the screen.

  2. Read your defender. Don’t ball watch. Shoulder brushes screeners hip on cut and hands are up(give target)ready to catch.

  3. Call your cut out(straight, curl, back, out)

  4. Screeners back can tell you where to cut.

  5. Changing speed & direction important.

  6. Passer hits inside hand = catch and shoot.

  7. Passer hits outside hand away from D = catch and reverse pivot.

Study Coach Don Meyer videos(YouTube)

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