Preparing For An Opponent

I keep preparation as simple as possible when preparing for an opponent.

We will use this edit of South Dakota State for an example.

I pick out clips of our opponent from things they do well on offense then I will watch each clip 3 times each. Each time I watch I am only watching one thing and one thing only. For this example I will watch: 1-passing. 2-movement w/out the ball. 3-Post players

3 emphasis I place on defense:

  1. Ball Pressure

  2. No straight line passes

  3. Sprint to help/move on airtime

PASSING: We can't let them just pass the ball around the perimeter. We need to try and get in passing lanes and be there on the catch. As good as they are we need to limit their options and force quick decisions. Heat the ball and turn them into drivers.

MOVEMENT: They move constantly with out the ball. Make sure we jam all basket cuts. Their screening action create gaps by getting belly button facing the ball(defender guarding screener) and shoot through the gap(defender guarding cutter). On their double staggers top defender show over top forcing them to catch further from basket and bottom defender zone up to take away any slips.

POST PLAYER: Do not get caught fronting them anywhere on floor. Play behind or on their low hip with a hand in passing lane. Avoid contact on reposts. Make them put the ball on the floor to score.

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